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My No Man's Land is AI generated. Both in text and image. The only human thing in this process is the initial question. A slightly surreal opening question about our current reality. The artificial intelligence answers. Is this the new reality?

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Green peas.

In de wonderbaarlijk platte wereld van twee dimensies, is het openen en bereiden van een eenvoudig potje doperwten een betoverend schouwspel van geometrische gratie en culinaire kunst. Het is een dans van lijnen en cirkels, een symfonie van smaken, een verhaal dat zich ontvouwt in de lengte en breedte, maar nooit in de diepte. Het... Continue Reading →

Smart devices.

It is undeniable that technology is rapidly changing our lives. One of the biggest changes in recent years is the integration of smart technology in home appliances. These 'smart' appliances range from refrigerators to cookers, all designed to make our lives easier. However, as with any technological development, there is a… Continue Reading →


In the eternal quest for a good night's sleep, people have come up with countless solutions, ranging from special mattresses and ergonomic pillows to relaxing music and blackout curtains. One of the latest innovations in this field is the use of a balloon filled with water as a pillow. While this idea may seem unusual at first glance,... Continue Reading →


Dear fellow citizen, Stop for a moment and consider the following statement: a sandwich is nothing more than an edible napkin. Does it sound crazy? Absolute! But reserve your judgment and read on, because this concept could be the key to saving our forests. Thousands of trees are cut down every day... Continue Reading →


The advancing digitization has drastically changed the way we consume and share information. While some adapt effortlessly to these technological developments, there are still people who have difficulty getting online. To give this group access to the digital world, a revolutionary new object has been developed: the BOOK. The... Continue Reading →


Smiling faces, shining eyes, lit hearts - this is the exuberant energy ignited when one first discovers the spoonerism of 'slide'. "Happy" - a confusing but delightful twist of language that sparks a moment of pure joy. It is these moments of wonder and humor that can enrich a life... Continue Reading →


"Polymorphs and Letterlinguists: The New Horizons of Polyglottism" In the bustling maze of human communication, there are a few of us who have stood out for their phenomenal language skills: the polyglots. These individuals, equipped with the ability to master multiple languages with ease, are the well-known avant-garde of linguistic diversity. However, in the heart of... Continue Reading →


Sleep is essential to our well-being and daily functioning, but sometimes it can be difficult to meet our sleep needs. A common piece of advice is to create a sleep routine, but what if you want to maximize your sleep in unusual and inappropriate places outside your bedroom? In this article, we explore six creative ways to… Continue Reading →


While reading can be an enriching and relaxing activity, there are situations where it is absolutely unwise to lose yourself in the world of literature. In this article, we'll explore nine situations where reading a book can be inappropriate and even dangerous, with examples of how things can go wrong,… Continue Reading →


The idea of making all the prices of all items in stores the same is not new, but it remains an intriguing concept that has the potential to profoundly change the way we shop and trade. In this article, we'll discuss three benefits of this idea, with extensive examples to illustrate these benefits... Continue Reading →

bookkeeper 2.

For the experienced do-it-yourselfer, it is essential to be flexible and innovative in finding solutions to everyday problems. In this article, we'll discuss five examples of how books can serve as substitutes for traditional tools, while reflecting on the convergence of literature and technical expertise. Stabiliser: A book as a savior... Continue Reading →

Well yes.

It's a well-known phenomenon: someone sneezes and the bystanders say "health" or "bless you" as a polite way of acknowledging the sneeze. But what if we took a different approach, expressing our surprise at the sneeze with a heartfelt "yes"? In this article we will discuss… Continue Reading →

bookkeeper 1.

For the experienced do-it-yourselfer, the ability to be creative and inventive in solving problems is an essential skill. In this article, we'll explore five unconventional yet doable ways that books can serve as substitutes for traditional tools while celebrating the romance of merging literature and technology. Ruler: A... Continue Reading →

Pushed on.

The social cohesion within a society is crucial for promoting a peaceful and harmonious coexistence. Various factors, such as shared interests, cultural practices and traditions, contribute to strengthening social ties. One of the often overlooked aspects of social cohesion is the role of beverage consumption,… Continue Reading →


In a world where words fill our lives with meaning and emotion, the idea of reading a thick book with only blank pages can be both intriguing and liberating. In this romantic essay, we'll explore five benefits of embracing the blank pages, and the subtle beauty that lies in the… Continue Reading →


In a world where stress and negativity are ubiquitous, a simple reassuring statement such as "everything will be fine" can have a major impact on our mood and well-being. This technical article explores the possibilities of developing and implementing a ubiquitous positivity system (UPS) that reminds us on a regular basis - for example every hour - of… Continue Reading →

Book idea 4.

The boundless world of literature and art constantly challenges us to find new and inventive ways to appreciate books and their physical form. In this article, we explore two unconventional and fun ideas that illustrate the practical uses of books in our daily lives: book weights and book skateboards. Book Weights: A Literary Approach to... Continue Reading →


Have you ever thought it would be possible to have fun during a traffic jam? With Car Quartet, the latest game for car enthusiasts, this becomes reality! In this article we explain how to play Auto Quartet and what you can win with it. Auto Quartet is a game played by at least four... Continue Reading →

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